BLOGMAS DAY 8 - 32 Blogmas Post Ideas


Hello Internet!
This post is really late, I know. And it's probably going to be really rushed but its 9:30pm and I want some sleep so it'll have to do. Sorry ☹

Anyway, here are 32 Blogmas Post Ideas.

(Again, the website isn't working. I don't know whether the websites crashing or if it's my laptop but I'll try and figure it out this weekend. Anyway, there's still no title image.)

1) Things you love about Christmas.

2) Christmas Gifts for Her.

3) Gifts for Him.

4) Favourite Shops to go to at Christmas time.

5) Christmas Tree Reveal.

6) Christmas Quotes.

7) Crafts (Making Christmas Decorations).

8) Christmas Decorations.

9) Blogmas Post Ideas.

10) Christmas Wishlist.

11) Favourite Christmas Songs.

12) Favourite Christmas Movies.

13) Christmas Clothes.

14) Favourite Christmas Adverts.

15) Stocking Fillers Gift Ideas.

16) Christmas for Pets.

17) Baking Christmassy Things.

18) Reveal some of the Stats behind your Blogmas so far.

19) Christmassy Interview.

20) Christmas Q&A.

21) Your Christmas Menu

22) Christmas Makeup Tutorial.

23) Throwback to Blogmas last year (if you had one).

24) Letter to Santa.

25) Christmas OOTD.

26) Winter Skincare Routine.

27) Christmas Traditions for you and your family.

28) Favourite Christmas Stories.

29) Write a poem.

30) How to wrap your Christmas Gifts.

31) Favourite YouTuber Vlogmas.

32) Would You Rather - Christmas Edition.

I hope this post has helped you with some ideas for Blogmas. Feel free to use any of them!
Also, you 'll probably be seeing a lot of these ideas used, here, on my own blog.

Thanks For Reading,
Elsie A 🎄

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