The Top 5 Reasons Why I Love to Write!


Hello Internet!

I'm writing this late at night, when I really should be sleeping. However, my mind is exploding with too many thoughts to sleep. Lately, everything has just seemed to get so complicated - like...I don't there's too much that I need to concentrate on.

As I've already briefly mentioned, I have a love for the fictional world. But, for the past couple of weeks, I've been struggling to find comfort in my strongest passion: writing. I don't know why - I just feel like I'm lacking inspiration. I think I'm having a writer's block...I hate it.
I decided, in order for me to get over my writer's block, I should list the top 5 reasons for why writing means so much to me.

So, here goes... (enjoy!)

Top 5 Reason Why I Love To Write:

1) Writing fiction allows me to create a whole new world. In this world, I am capable of making anything I want happen. I can create the people I want and the places I want to be in. Everything is in my control. This is something which is impossible in real-life, making writing an extremely magical experience.

2) When I'm writing, I can block out the world around me and focus on the screen of my laptop. Everything around me is irrelevant - school included.

3) In my opinion, to inspire somebody through your own words is something very special. When I see the comments on my story and there's an occasional comment which says something like  "I can't wait for the next chapter!" and "I love the quote", it gives me the most amazing feeling. The fact that people from around the world have read my work amazes me and, even though I don't have that many views, I still can't help myself from feeling a wave of disbelief whenever I see the reaction. What I want more than anything is to inspire other people, just like other writers have inspired me.

4) Some people say that to write a journal is a very therapeutic and healthy thing to do. For me, writing fiction (and now this blog) is like a journal. I feel like I can write whatever I am thinking without being judged. When I've had a bad day, I can write my emotions on here or through my story. Even if my emotions are represented by something fictional, it can still make a huge impact on me.

5) The final reason is, purely, my imagination. My head is a very hectic place and I often struggle to concentrate. The ability to write down all of the crazy stories which come into my head is a relief to me. If I didn't write it all down, the thoughts would just be running around in my brain, tormenting me forever. Why keep my crazy stories to myself when I could share them to the world?

I don't know how much sense all of that made to you but, hopefully, you understand. Has this ever happened to any of you (if there's anybody there, that is)? Have you ever lost all hope of writing successfully and lacked any inspiration for your work? If so, please let me know in the comments.

Hopefully, this has helped me realise how much of an importance writing is to me. Deep down, I already know that its my passion but I don't know if this passion is slowly deflating into nothing. Hopefully, I can rediscover my love for fiction.

Thankfully, I already feel as if a weight has been lifted off me - like typing all of this up has helped me incredibly. 

Also, I hope that this has inspired some other people out there. If you've been wanting to start writing but you don't believe you can do it, try anyway - just give it a go. The result could be better than you've ever imagined.

So, that's all for now. Thank you so much for reading and please keep posted for my next update,

Elsie A x

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  1. Hia Elsie,
    I love to write it's one of my favorite things to do, I just don't have much time to do it. I need to make time I guess haha.
    I've tagged you in a Link up on my blog if your interested!
    Keep Writing
    Hugs from Hayley xx

    1. Hi Hayley.
      I understand your problem, I also struggle to find time to write sometimes. What I try to do is always have my mind open for new plot ideas and then, as soon as I have a couple of minutes free, I take some quick notes. That way, when I do get chance to write, it will be quicker and I'm not likely to forget your ideas.
      Thanks so much for the tag, I'll be sure to check it out!
      Good luck with your writing.
      Elsie A xx


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