BLOGMAS DAY 4: Christmas Interview with Lady Peasant


Hello Internet!
In today's post, I am joined by my best friend. Because this is an anonymous blog, I obviously can't give her real name, so I asked what she wanted to be called. She said: Lady Gabby Peasant. Just don't ask...

1) What's your favourite thing about Christmas?

I don't exactly have a favourite thing about Christmas but I'd have to say how happy everything seems. All the lights brighten the dark days and it's super duper happy!

2) What do you like to do on Christmas day?

I always like to wake up really early (and no, I don't care that I am almost 15 and still do this), open all my presents, give my parents their presents and have a chocolate breakfast. Yayyyyyyy! This year we'll be staying at home whilst my grandparents come over and have a Christmas dinner. Yummy!

3) What food do you like on Christmas?

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE pigs in blankets! Their delicious and Christmas just isn't right without them! It sounds like a cheesy love song for pigs in blankets. What the hell.

4) What are your top 3 Christmas Songs?

Not in any particular order but I love Jingle Bells, All I Want For Christmas Is You and Last Christmas. 

5) When do you put up your Christmas Decorations/Tree?

Normally at around the 11th I put it but because I'm so excited for Christmas this year I think we're going to put the decorations upon the 6th although I put the decorations up in my room on the 1st.

6) Draw a picture representing your idea of the perfect Christmas.

Prepare yourself for my skills

That's it! I hope you enjoyed this post! I had lots of fun making this post as it allowed me to work with someone else rather than doing it on my own. Whist her name picking and drawing skills are questionable, Lady Gabby Peasant (I really don't know) has a lot in common with me when it comes to Christmas. I pretty much agree with all of her answers.
What would your answers to the questions be?

Thanks For Reading,
Elsie A 🎄

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