BLOGMAS DAY 10 - Christmas 'Would You Rather'


Hello Internet!
Welcome to day 10 of Blogmas! After today, it's only 2 weeks until Christmas - I cant believe how quickly it's going!

Anyway, for today's post, I'm going to try something a little more fun than usual.
I went on BuzzFeed and found some Christmas-themed 'Would-You-Rather' questions and I thought that I'd share some of my answers with you.

1) Would you rather: chug a gallon of eggnog at once OR sit on a mall Santa's lap for an hour?

I've never had eggnog and it doesn't sound particularly appetising. However, sitting on Santa's lap for a hour doesn't sound like it'd be very comfortable and it would probably get pretty awkward. Therefore, I'd probably go for the eggnog. There's a small chance I'd like it, right?

2) Would you rather: have it be true that Christmas trees feel pain and scream when you cut them down OR have it be true that Christmas cookies feel pain and scream when you eat them?

This question is actually pretty easy for me as I don't get a real tree - I've always had a fake one. Therefore, if trees felt pain, my conscience would be clean because I'm not the person causing them to get cut down. Cookies, however, are a complete different story. If I was killing a cookie every time I ate one, I'd have a very guilty conscience.

3) Would you rather: grow a permanent Santa beard OR grow permanent reindeer antlers?

I really had to think about this one because, this probably won't come as a surprise to you, but I don't really want either of those things. However, I  feel like the reindeer antlers will look slightly cooler than the beard. I guess I could always get a really tall hat to hide them?

4) Would you rather: work as a mall Santa for the rest of your life OR become the real Santa and have to live in the North Pole.

Why is this even a question? Why would I not want to be Santa? I mean, it might not be this obvious for everything but - for me - this is by far the easiest question I've ever answered. Of course I want to live in the North Pole!

5) Would you rather: star in a remake of Home Alone OR star in a remake of Elf?

I love both of these films but I think Elf is probably the funniest out of the two. Therefore, it'd have to be Elf.

6) Would you rather: wrap a perfectly cube-shaped gift and have the pattern on the wrapping paper line up perfectly OR take a bite of a warm sugar cookie?

I'm probably going to sound weird but I'd definitely choose the perfect gift wrapping. When it comes to this kind of stuff, I am a complete perfectionist. Also, it only says that you get one bite of the cookie, which is completely evil. Why would you want to have only one bite - surely that'd just make you want to eat more?

7) Would you rather: be locked in a padded room with someone who hates everyone about Christmas OR be locked in a padded room with someone who is fanatical when it comes to Christmas.

This is another obvious question for me. To be honest, I'd probably be the Christmas fanatic person. Do I even need to say any more?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post - I definitely enjoyed making it!
What would your answers be? Leave your opinions in the comments!
I'll be back tomorrow with Day 11 of Blogmas.

Thanks For Reading,
Elsie A 🎄

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