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Hello Internet!
It's day 2 of Blogmas! For today's post, I thought that I'd give a few ideas for women's Christmas presents. Of course, it depends on who you're buying for and what they, personally, like but these are just the things that I've relied on the most when buying gifts.

1- Toiletries

Toiletries are probably my regular go-to gifts, for birthdays as well as Christmas. I just find it an easy gift to get as everybody has a use for toiletries. Also, at this time of year, I find that shops are full of gifts like this and they tend to be at really low prices as well.
To give you ideas, here are a few links to some good toiletry deals online:

From: Amazon
Price: £4 (+ delivery)
This set includes: 250ml Shower Gel (x2) and 1 shower sponge.

From: Amazon
Price: £4 (+ delivery)
This set includes: Shower Gel Cream (50ml), Pearl and Beauty Roll-on deodorant (25ml), Strawberry Lip Balm (4.8g) and Moisturising Cream (25ml).

GHOST Bauble Deep Night Eau de Toilette 10ml Gift Set
From: Superdrug
Price: £8
Set Includes: GHOST Deep Night Limited Edition Eau de Toilette Traveller (10ml), GHOST Deep Night Limited Edition Scented Lip Gloss in Nightberry (3ml) and is presented in a GHOST Deep Night purple bauble with silver metal charms

2- Jewellery

Of course, Jewellery may not be the cheapest gift to buy, but if you're prepared to spend that little bit extra, it can make a really good present to unwrap on Christmas day.

For someone who really wants to spend a lot of money, I think that a great jewellery shop (especially for gifts) is Pandora. Pandora seems to have received a reputation of being quite expensive but, if you look around, you can actually find something which isn't too expensive. Rings for example, start at the price of about £30.

If you want to go for the cheaper option, however, there can always be something to be found on Amazon.

3- Makeup

If you're buying a gift for someone who likes to wear makeup, then there are plenty of makeup sets available for reasonable prices.

Tanya Burr Mrs Claus Manicure Pink Glitter Nail Polish Set
From: Superdrug
Price: £4
Set Includes: Pink glitter nail polish and a nail file.

Studio London Lip & Eye Pencils
From: Superdrug
Price: £4
Set Includes: dual-ended eye pencils in brown and navy, as well as a dual-ended pink lip pencil.

Make Up Cosmetic Set Mixed Kit Bundle Urban Beauty Lucky Dip Gift Bag 10 Pieces
From: Amazon
Price: £6
Set Includes: A random assortment of makeup which comes presented in a stylish carry case. It includes a range of shades and styles.

4- Clothing

Clothing can be quite hard to buy as a gift as, sometimes, it's hard to know which size to buy and, of course, if the person will like it. Normally, you have to know a person really well to be able to judge an appropriate size or style. Or, I guess, you could just have a really good sense of size and clothing, which I do not have.

If you do want to buy some clothing as Christmas gifts, here are some of my favourite clothes shops:

5- Vouchers & Gift Card

I think that vouchers and gift cards make really good Christmas gifts as it means that the person can buy whatever they want.

Let's be honest, you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. Personally, I love it when I receive an Amazon gift card.

This includes a variety of different shops including: Mothercare, Primark, H&M, John Lewis, River Island, T.K.Max, Topshop, New Look and B&Q.

6- Sentimental

These kind of gifts have a lot of thought behind them and can mean a lot to the person receiving them. Of course, this kind of person kind of depends on your relationship with the person and mostly involves something different for everybody. Whilst one thing is sentimental for one person, it might not be for everyone.
Therefore, here are just a few examples of ideas which I've found on amazon:

From: Amazon
Price: £7.99
From: Amazon
Price: £7.99

From: Amazon
Price: £6.99

I hope that you enjoyed this post!
These are just a few ideas and, of course, these kind of presents won't be for everyone. Personally, I'd appreciate anything I got and I think that it's important to remember that you don't need to spend a lot to give the perfect present. If you're artistic (which I'm not), then you can even make you Christmas gifts!

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow for Day 3 of Blogmas, which will be 'Gifts for Him'.

Thanks for Reading,
Elsie A 🎅🎄

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