About Me

Welcome to Elsie_Anonymous!

Hello Internet! Welcome to my own anonymous corner of the online world!

If you're looking for:

- Fun
- Fangirling
-Teen Drama
- Food
- Writing
- School Life
- Life in General

...this blog is for you!


I'm not very interesting at all but I hope that I can still try and make this blog as interesting as possible.

I'm obsessed with dedicated to multiple books and TV Series. My ultimate favourite book ever would probably be Harry Potter, with Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus coming in a close second.
At the moment, I would say that my two favourite TV shows are Pretty Little Liars and The Walking Dead.
Because this is anonymous, I can't tell you any personal information but what I can tell you is:

- I'm in high school
- I live in England.
- I absolutely LOVE writing

If there's an amazing person out there who actually enjoys reading my blog, thank you!
Elsie A xx

P.S. My name isn't actually Elsie (hence the anonymous part of the title) but feel free to call me that!

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