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Hello Internet!
Due to my break, I'm a little late to the party but, today, I decided to share what I got for Christmas. I'm so lucky to have amazing family and friends who get me so many great presents!

I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to brag or anything - because I'm not. The reason I thought I'd do this post is because I always find it really interesting when I read other posts like this. Please don't get offended or anything.

- Boots

So, a couple of months ago I went on New Look and found some boots which I absolutely loved. However, when I tried to buy them, it turned out that they didn't have my size (this always happens to me). Naturally, I was really annoyed.
But, when I opened my presents on Christmas morning, I found a pair of boots practically identical to the ones which I had found a few weeks before. You have no idea how happy I was. I've worn them every time I've left the house since Christmas Day and they are so comfy! (These were from my mum).

- Calligraphy Pen

For my birthday - which was a few months ago - my mum bought me a calligraphy starter kit because I mentioned that I wanted to try something new. Since then, I've really enjoyed learning calligraphy and trying loads of different writing styles. So, for Christmas, my mum got me a new pen (only instead of having cartridges, it's a dip pen). I love it so much - it just looks amazing and it's also really light and easy to write with! I might actually do a few posts about Calligraphy in the future.

-Desk Organiser

I've always liked my desk to be organised because, otherwise, I just can't concentrate with whatever I'm doing. So, for Christmas I got a desk organiser! I did have a desk organiser before but it didn't really match anything in my room and it was getting a bit old. This organiser is really cool because it's rotatable so, when you turn it, there's more sections. (This is also from my mum.)

- Hair Accessories

I got two types of hair accessories for Christmas. One of them was a claw/butterfly clip. The other is a slidey-clip (I don't know the correct terminology for it, sorry), which is in the image shown. I really love them both. I wore the slidey one (again, sorry for the bad wording) on Christmas Day and it actually managed to hold my hair for a couple of hours - and my hair's really thick so it's hard to find something which can hold it. (Again, it's from my mum).

-Makeup brushes

I've been wanting some makeup brushes for a while now because I really want to be able to do my makeup properly. Before, I had to just use my fingers and it wasn't blending as well. They just make it so much easier! Of course, I'm still not quite ready to pursuit a career in makeup, but it's enough to make me look semi-alive in a morning.
It's a set of 24 and each brush is a different size. To be honest, I don't really know how to use a few of them but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. (These are also from my mum. Yeah, I got a lot from her.)

- The Cursed Child

From my best friend, I got a book that I've been wanting for a long time: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. It was the first script I'd read (out of school) and it was so good that I read it in a day - so you can be expecting a book review soon! After reading it, I decided to go back and read the Harry Potter series again from the beginning. I'm currently part way through the second book.

- A4 Sketchbook

This time last year, I really enjoyed drawing and I used to do it pretty much whenever I had free time. Though, when I dropped Art in September, I ended up not having enough time to draw and my sketchbook slowly got pushed further and further away. However, when my cousin bought me a really nice sketchbook for Christmas, it made me remember how much I'd once enjoyed it and encouraged me to give it another go. I've done a few drawings already and, though I'm definitely not the best artist, I still enjoy it quite a bit.

These are just a few examples of all of the amazing presents which I received this Christmas. I'm really lucky to have such amazing friends hand family. A few of the other thing are got are things like: toiletries, chocolates/sweets, money and vouchers.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What did you get for Christmas? I'd love to see your replies in the comments!

Thanks For Reading,
Elsie A x

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