My Favourites (#2)


When I was fairly new to the blogging world, I did a Favourites post and it's still my most-viewed post so far. Because that post was so popular I decided that I'd post an update. So here it is!

Social Media and Apps

- Snapchat
This is a pretty common app and pretty much everyone I know has it. This is mostly the only app I use to talk to my friends as it's pretty much accessible for everyone. Who doesn't love a good dog filter?

- Sims Freeplay
Okay, now I know that I'm embarrassing myself but I really don't care. I used to be obsessed with this game but, as always, life took over and I ran out of time to keep up with the game so I stopped. More recently, however, I started playing it again and I've got re-addicted. Yes, my life really is that dull.

- Twitter
Whenever I get bored or don't know what to do, Twitter is normally my go-to app. I'm a pretty nosy person so the capability of knowing what's going on in celebrities' lives is far too tempted. Also, Twitter Feud are possibly one of the most entertaining things to read through, trust me. (By the way, if you don't already, feel free to follow me @Elsie_Anonymous).

- Google Play Music
I wasn't sure whether to put this in this category or in Music, but I guess it fits better into this one. A few weeks ago, I found that I was spending a lot of my money on buying music so I decided it would be cheaper to subscribe to Google Play Music for £9.99 a month. I get to listen and download any of 35 million songs which, I personally believe, is a good deal.

TV Series

- The Walking Dead.
This has definitely turned into my favourite programme. Somehow, the gore doesn't even bother me because I'm so hooked by the actual plot. Even if my heart does get crushed on many occasions, it's worth it....I think.

- Riverdale
If you don't know, Riverdale is a Netflix Original series which has recently started on Netflix. There are around 8 episodes currently on Netflix and a new episode is added every Friday 9 (though, I think it's on a break now until the end of March). I really recommend this series, especially if you like a bit of mystery.

- Broadchurch
If you're not from Britain, you might not know what know what Broadchurch is. If you don't, it's basically a drama about two police detectives solving crimes and there's a new case each season. Season 3 has just started and so far, it's really good.


- Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
As of yet, I haven't gotten around to doing a post on this. If you've read my 'What I got for Christmas 2016' post, you'll know that I got the screenplay of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child for Christmas  


- Pesto, Tomato & Cheese Chicken (with Italian Herb, Garlic & Parmesan Chips)
This is something that I've been cooking a lot lately. It's really simple and quite quick to make. I'm actually planning on doing a recipe for this in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned for that!

- Jacob's Ciabatta Crackers
These are great for a snack and are the nicest crackers I've ever tasted! They're also great with Hummus (especially Moroccan Hummus).


-  Shawn Mendes
I've always liked Shawn Mendes but, more recently, I've been listening to his music a lot. His new(ish) album has some really amazing songs on which I can't stop listening to.

- Panic! At the Disco
None of my friends actually listen to P!ATD but they're definitely my new favourite band. Whilst their music videos can be seen as (really) weird and messed up, the actual songs are in a class of their own. Also, Brendan Urie... Must I say any more?

- Rag'n'Bone Man
This is quite a new artist and, if I'm honest, I'd never even heard of him about six weeks ago. However, after hearing his new single 'Human', I downloaded his album and it's honestly one of the best I've heard. This is the kind of music I love, instead of the average pop song which is repeated about 300 times.

Beauty/ Makeup

- Maybelline New York - The Nudes Eye Pallet
Even though I don't wear eyeshadow as a part of my daily makeup, I do like to put it on from time to time. This pallet provides a great selection of neutral colours and they're quite highly pigmented, especially considering that it's not a very expensive pallet. I bought mine for around £10, which was significantly cheap opposed to the other options. I'd definitely recommend this pallet.

-Rimmel London - Super Volume and Curl Mascara
I have two mascaras: a light, brown mascara which I use when I'm not really putting any effort into my makeup (usually on a typical school-day); and a darker, voluminous mascara which was a little more pricey. When I actually put the effort in and use this mascara, it's definitely worth it because it seems to make my eyes look much more defined. At first, I was a little unsure as my lashes seemed to stick together a lot and get quite heavy. However, I've now learnt that I don't need to put as much on and that one thin layer is just enough. Again, the mascara was around £10.

Those are all of the things I've been loving in the past month or so. If you like any of these stuff, please let me know in the comments. What kind of things have you been loving lately?

I'll be back next week with another post!

Have an amazing day!
Elsie A xx

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