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It's time for this month's book review and yet another confession. I haven't read anything whatsoever since this time last month. This has literally been the busiest month ever. School and homework has consumed my weekdays and, with my DofE in addition to that, I've had no free time whatsoever.
Even though, at first, I'd decided to just do a review on a book I read a while ago, I've now decided to do something a little bit different.

Like I said before, school has been consuming my life. I've had so many exams, meaning that I've had A LOT of revision to do. And something that's really been helping me with my revision lately are revision textbooks. Therefore, if you haven't already guessed it, this month's book review will be for my Combined Science GCSE Revision Guide.

Title: GCSE Combined Science For AQA (Grade 1-9) - The Revision Guide, Higher Level
Author: CGP
Genre: Revision Guide/ Education
This book is for the new GCSE course which came out in September 2016, which is graded from 1-9, opposed to A*, A, B, C (etc.). It has all three sciences in it (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) and contains all of the criteria needed for the new exams. There is a total of 6 exams for Science (that's if you're taking all three sciences) so it is definitely a crucial subject. The book is available in paper form and as an E-Book.

My Thoughts and Opinions:
This book has helped me so much in the past couple of months and has really increased my understanding. I bought it in September, when I was revising for my Physics exam and, since then, it has pretty much been my saviour. Physics is a subject I really struggle with, especially now that the new GCSE course requires you to know all 21 of the equations. I've also used the Biology section for my most recent exam but I haven't yet looked at the Chemistry section.
One thing I really love about this book, in particular, is the layout. The colours and theme allow me to take in the information easier than usual. I also like how it has bit of humour in some places. Of course, the jokes are the cheesiest things you'll ever read, but they tend to lighten the mood when you've been sat studying for about three hours.

My favourite part of this book, to be honest, is probably the very first page. It tells you all about the new course and how the Science exams will work. It tells you which topics will be on each exam and how long each of them will be. I don't know why, but I just find it useful to know, even though I won't be doing the real thing until 2018.

This book probably won't be useful to you unless you're from England, so I apologise to any foreign people reading this (which is actually about 59% of my total viewers, in case you were wondering). If you are from England, however, and you're getting close to doing your GCSEs, then I highly recommend this book. Of course, not everybody learns in the same way so you might not find it as good as I do, but - personally - I've found it really useful.

This review has been very different to what I usually do but, hopefully, it was still useful.
And, of course, if you have any suggestion on books that I should read, please drop it in the comment section below.

Thanks For Reading,
Elsie A x

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