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Hello Internet!

One of the very first posts I did was "15 Facts about Me". Now, let's be honest, it didn't have a lot of interesting information on it. The reason for this is probably because I'm not a very interesting person. However, recently, I've been thinking that there's still quite a few things that I could have included on there which I didn't. So, for that reason, I have decided to make another version of "Facts about me". A few of them will probably be repeated but I'll try my best to make some new ones.

1) I live somewhere in England (but I'm not telling you where).

2) I'm in High School.

3) I live in a flat with just my mum.

4) I have no siblings.

5) My parents divorced two months before my 5th birthday.

6) My favourite YouTubers are Zoe and Joe Sugg (Zoella and ThatcherJoe).

7) I love reading.

8) My favourite book series is between Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. I refuse to choose between them.

9) I like drawing but I'm not very good at it.

10) I love writing and my ultimate dream is to someday publish a book.

11) There are only two people who I've told about this blog: my mum and my best friend.

12) I really want to get a job or volunteer somewhere but nowhere accepts me so...

13) I'm a really bad singer (seriously) but I really want to be able to sing. Does that even make sense?

14) Many people make the mistake of thinking I'm normal.

15) The most romantic gesture I've ever gotten was when I was six, when a boy got me a box of chocolates and a toy rose for Valentines Day.

16) My favourite colour is purple.

17) I'll eat practically any food, as long as it doesn't contain olives. Olives are disgusting. I feel sick thinking about them.

18) The most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to me was when my toiletry bag fell out of my school bag in RS and, the next day, my RS teacher came into the library and announced in front of everyone that he'd found my 'lady things'.

19) When I was about two, I had to go to hospital because I accidently ate vapour rub. I vividly remember the nurse trying to force me to eat toast and, then, me just being really stubborn and refusing.

20) I have serious trust issues.

21) I don't really know what I want to be when I leave school, but I know that I want to do something which helps people.

22) My favourite TV shows are: The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, The 100, The Originals and (I guess) The Vampire Diaries. Though, the last one isn't as good as it used to be, in my opinion.

23) I've never been abroad but that's going to change in 2017!

24) I have two pets: a rabbit and a budgie.

24) My favourite animal is probably between an Owl and a Dolphin. An Olphin!

25) I've only ever had one boyfriend.

26) I'm not religious.

27) My zodiac sign is a Virgo.

28) I'm really bad at making new friends and socialising.

29) My bedroom has been overtaken by owls. I have 10 owl related ornaments/ decorations.

30) When I had my ears pierced, I passed out. Luckily, the woman who pierced my ears caught me so I didn't hit my head.

31) I also passed out when I had the MMR Vaccination at school, last year. This time, nobody caught me, meaning that my head came in contact with a significantly hard wall.

32) I've never broken any bones (though I don't know how because I'm quite clumsy). 

33) I've done two competitions which involved giving presentations to judges, both of which were terrifying.

34) My favourite subjects at school are Biology, History and English (depending on what we're doing).

35) I don't like any hot drinks except Hot Chocolate.

36) My favourite season is Autumn.

37) Me + Exercise = Disaster

38) I really want to get healthy by going to the gym but I'm too scared of going.

And that's it - 38 facts about me! Hopefully this is a bit more interesting than the original. Again, I apologise for being such a boring person.

Thanks for reading,
Elsie A x

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