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Today I'm going to write about something which has happened in my life recently. I don't know what happens in the system of other countries' education but I presume that it's something similar to ours. Here in England, we have GCSE exams at the end of year 11. In year 9 we must choose I certain number of subject to take on in GCSEs. This is something that I had to do a few weeks ago (yes, you can now work out my age. But oh well...). So, because its quite an important step in my life, I thought I'd give a few tips on picking your GCSE options (or whatever you have in your country).

First of all, I'll share the subjects which I have chosen.

-Maths, English and Science (compulsory)
-ICT (compulsory)

As you can probably see, that's not many subjects. I really struggled in narrowing it down so much. So, hopefully I can help you with the same problems I had.

~First of all, you'll probably find that many teachers tell you to pick subjects which will help you achieve the job that you want. Obviously, if you already know exactly what you want as a career, that's fine. However, if you don't know what job you want, don't worry. The best thing to do is to pick the subject which you enjoy the most because the chances are that you'll grow to discover a 'dream job' from your favourite lessons. For example, if you hate Geography (which I do), its not very likely that you'll find yourself a career you love based solely on Geography, right? Whereas if you love Art, its likely that you'll be interested in an artistic career. In other words, don't think too much about it - just go with your gut and think about what you'd enjoy.

~There is something that I've noticed quite frequently over the last few weeks. And that is that many people base their choices on what their friends have chosen. Do not do this! Let your friends decide what they want to do and you decide what you want to do. It's your life, not theirs. You're in the class to learn and gain intelligence, not to have a hour-long gossip session with your BFF.

~Don't let anybody force you into choosing subjects which you don't want - it's your choice! This includes friends, parents and teachers. You'll probably find that some teachers will try and 'persuade' you into taking their subject. This happened to me a lot! But, they cant force you into anything.

~Despite my previous point, it's still good to talk to you teacher. They can give you an idea of what you'll be studying and what it will entail. Your teachers should answer any of your questions to allow you to make an educated, judged decision.

~Don't rush. If you're choosing subjects, you should be giving a while to decide. I had at least 5 week to hand in my form. Don't make a quick decision. You need to put some thought into this - after all, this choice can partially determine your future.

So, that's it for now. Also remember that you could always choose different subjects if you are to go onto further education, so these choices aren't completely final on saying what your future is going to be.

If you have any questions about choosing subjects please contact me through my email and I'll respond as soon as possible.

Also, please comment what education systems are in place in your country as I'm intrigued whether it's similar or different to ours in England.

Thank you for reading,
Elsie A xx

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