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Book Review #1

Girl Online

Zoe Sugg (otherwise known as Zoella).

This book is about a teenage girl named Penny. Even though Penny lives with a happy family and has some amazing friends, she still finds herself facing many struggles in her life. Recently, she has been living in fear of her frightful panic attacks and she daren't tell anybody about them. However, she has one part of her life which makes her feel safe and comfortable: her blog. Penny has an anonymous blog where she goes by the name Girl Online. This blog is her place to write and discuss her feelings, whilst helping other people through their struggles. She started her blog because she thought she'd enjoy it but she had no idea how many people it would actually affect.
When Penny has the opportunity to fly to America with her parents and her best friend, she feels the urge to report every step of her adventure to the readers of her blog. She expects many things to come from her journey to America, but what she doesn't expect is to fall in love - which is exactly what happens....

My thoughts and opinions:
I loved this book! Everything about it just fascinated me and drew me in to read more. Being honest, I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much because I normally read something with a little more action. However, it surprised me!
The characters are developed amazingly. I felt like I could relate to the main character, Penny, in so many ways. Her love was portrayed in an awesome way.
The plot wasn't complicated but had a few twists which were definitely unexpected. Often, I prefer books with a complex plot but this book was definitely an exception.

Some places where you can buy this book:

I definitely recommend this book to anybody who likes young teen fiction. It has a great, interesting plot and inspiring characters which brings the story to life.
If you decide to read this book, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Thank you for reading,
Elsie A xx

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  1. I read this book not too long ago and didn't love it but also didn't hate it, so it was nice to hear your opinions on it ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

  2. Yeah, I've read many books which have had this effect on me as well. It was nice to hear your opinions too!
    Elsie A xx


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