Book Review - Running Wild


Book Review #2

Running Wild

Michael Morpurgo

Will and his mother had earned a long, well-deserved break where they could forget about their hectic lives. At first, going to Indonesia seemed to be the perfect solution to all of their problems. However, when Will was enjoying his elephant ride along the pristine beach, something strange happened. The elephant, Oona began acting in an agitated manner and was shying away from the sea. Moments after her peculiar behaviour began, a huge tsunami came crashing into the land. Unable to regain control of Oona - who ran for the jungle bordering the beach - he was taken away from his mother and everybody else who would became victims of the violent waves. With only Oona to help him on his way, Will must survive in the darkest depths of the jungle.  

My thoughts and opinions:
When I began reading this book, I was definitely expecting it to be good at the very least - after all, it's written by Michael Morpurgo (who is probably in my list of top 10 amazing authors). And, of course, the book definitely lived up to my expectations.
Even though I read this book quite a while ago, I can still remember how amazing and gripping the story was. For a start, the main character - Will - was built well. For the majority of the story, we are left with only Will and the elephant, Oona. This allowed me to grow attached to the main character, which is something that I find that may novels fail to achieve.
Without giving any major spoilers to the story, I will simply state that it doesn't necessarily have a happy ending. Many people will probably be annoyed at this but, personally, I think that it only increases the success of the plot. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than reading a book which finishes with: 'And then, at long last, I was reunited and it was like nothing that had happened to me in the last year had mattered. Because now I was able to go home and live happily ever after in a nice, comfortable home with my beloved family.'  No. I understand that some endings to books can be very upsetting (trust me, I know) but, usually - given the occasional exception - it's for the best. And this book achieved a moderately sad (though, not too sad) ending.

Some places where you can buy this book:

Again, just like last month's book, I highly recommend this novel. Morpurgo has released many amazing books and I definitely think that this is one of them. The words on the pages seemed to force me to turn the page and continue reading. I vaguely remember staying awake the majority of the night so that I could finish the whole thing within the same day as starting it.
I think that animal lovers, especially, will like this book as it consists of many of the wonderful creatures which roam the jungle.
If you decide to check it out, I hope that you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thanks for reading,
Elsie A xx

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